“Poverty is the key hurdle for education and the root cause of all social evils."

Kalasugandha Mandal

Education is the most powerful tool for reforming the society.

“Instead of wiping their tears once, why not wipe off their grievances forever by educating them and bringing them a better tomorrow”

About Us

“Education is the most powerful tool for reforming the society”

Majiwada village in Thane is mainly dominated by slums. The children living in these slums do not have access to basic education due to the extremely unfavorable socio-economic conditions.

Due to extreme poverty, the children in this area are burdened with the responsibility of their home and their younger siblings.

Having lived in this village himself, Mr. Sudhakar Bajaj, with the vision of guiding these children onto a better path and toward a better tomorrow, established the “Kala Sugandha Mandal.”

The main objective of the Mandal is to provide basic education to these children to be able to live a good life and build a good society thereafter. Keeping this objective in mind, he started a primary school by the name of “Navajeevan Prathamik Vidyamandir” in 1995.

The Project “NAVJEEVAN”

The School "Navjeevan Prathmik Vidyamandir"

Navajeevan Prathamik Vidyamandir provides free education to students from standard I to VII in the Marathi medium. Many times, it becomes difficult for the kids to come to school as they have to take care of their younger siblings who are their responsibility.

The school helps such kids by taking care of their siblings while they study in their classrooms. Here it is seen that the students study and the lessons are completed by them. For this purpose, the school has adopted a different way to impart education.

The Principal has trained the teachers for the same. It is seen that the students complete their studies in the school itself as they are not be sure to do so once they go home. At home, the students may have to attend to some other work; their parents may not get their homework done.


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Reality can turn better for them with a small change that you can make to their lives